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Alliant Business Insurance
"DKTX, LLC, dba DoorKing of Texas, must be the biggest winner of the Member’s Savings Program. In 2013 and 2014, we had a few claims on our auto insurance that made it soar! I provided Andy Stergiou with Alliant Insurance a copy of our policies and 5 years of Run Loss Reports for a comparison quote. He is amazing. He saved us more that 50% on our insurance package for 2017. Things are looking great for 2017."
Paula Reese + Texas
Current News
September 11, 2017
Member Savings Program partners with Hotel Engine, a private hotel booking platform, to connect associations and their members to deeply discounted hotel rates. + read full story

HP Partnership
September 07, 2017
HP Inc. has teamed up with Member Savings Program to offer you the benefit of purchasing high-quality HP Inc. products at discounted prices. HP.com offers a broad line of consumer and commercial products, from notebooks and desktops to printers, accessories and more! + read full story

PENSKE Truck Rental
June 15, 2017
The MSP has added PENSKE Truck Rental as the latest money saving vendor. + read full story

RingCentral added as Cloud Telcom Solution
June 01, 2017
RingCentral added as Cloud Telcom Solution. + read full story

Strategic Alliance Announced
May 28, 2012
Member Savings Program and Industry Huddle partner to assist small and mid sized businesses. + read full story

New Association Partner
January 20, 2012
The Buying Group and the North Carolina Plumbing and Mechanical Association have signed an agreement to have TBG provide it's turnkey association affinity program to the NCPMA and NCPMA members. + read full story

New Savings Programs
October 13, 2011
The Buying Groups' Member Savings Program has added 8 new suppliers to its' ever growing list of member savings opportunities. + read full story

Hearing Health Plan Announced
May 12, 2011
EPIC HEARING HEALTHCARE AND THE BUYING GROUP PARTNER ON MEMBER SAVINGS PROGRAM - Program Helps Members save money on their hearing care + read full story

Grainger Industrial Supplies Launched
January 24, 2011
Members save an average of 28% on Graingers' maintenance, operational and repair products. + read full story

ADP Increasing Discount for members
January 01, 2011
25% off -current and new customers + a credit of up to $400. + read full story

Buying Group of Buying Groups - New Buying Group Alliance Announced
December 22, 2010
New Group Purchasing Organization Alliance means increased savings for members. + read full story

Gasoline Savings Now Available through the Member Savings Program
December 28, 2009
+ read full story

Going Green and Making Money
October 14, 2009
Money for your used Consumer Electronics + read full story

Canadian Credit Card Processor
January 28, 2009
Collective Point Of Sale Solutions added as preferred Canadian Credit Crad Processing Partner. + read full story

Health Insurance now Offered by MSP
November 29, 2008
MSP now offers comprehensive Health coverage. + read full story

New Employee Benefit Announced
September 07, 2008
Comprehensive Wellness Program announced.

+ read full story

May 01, 2008
The Buying Group announces newest Partner. + read full story

TBG expands in Canada
January 10, 2008
Payworks announced as first Canadian based supplier. + read full story

WebEx joins the growing list of Savings Suppliers
December 06, 2007
WebEx savings and productivity now available + read full story

NCO added as newest supplier
June 22, 2007
TBG has chosen NCO Financial Systems, Inc. (NCO) as its endorsed collection agency. + read full story

Affinity Solution Announced
June 01, 2007
Outsourced Solution now available + read full story

CEA Newest Association Partner
December 16, 2006
+ read full story

Gevity added as new supplier
December 10, 2006
Gevity HR Solutions added as newest TBG Supplier + read full story

Webcast Interview
October 28, 2006
Interviewwith the Founder of The Buying Group. + read full story

Lifelock - New TBG Supplier
October 21, 2006
Lifelock, the Identity Protection Services Company, is now being offered to Buying Group Members and Member employees. + read full story

Newspaper Article
October 02, 2006
Buying Group Featured in Sarasota Newspaper
+ read full story

Account Managers Added
September 28, 2006
The Buying Group adds 4 Customer Care Consultants. + read full story

Consumer Site Launch
July 04, 2006
July 4, 2006: TSG Buying Group Inc. has launched the USA Buying Group Consumer site at www.usabuyinggroup.com
+ read full story


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Keys to Payroll Processing

The decision to outsource your small business’s payroll processing makes sense – finding the right payroll system takes a little more thought. After all, there are numerous terms and features offered by a payroll processing service or accounting payroll software system, but if you cannot negotiate the best deal on the services YOU need, then a payroll processing service may end up costing too much, and giving your company too little in return. When negotiating a payroll processing service contract, make sure the features you need are included and make sure you are aware of any and all add-on charges.
The top three questions to consider when negotiating the best payroll processing service contract:

*What is the rate you will pay, and what does that price include?
*Are there any add-on charges that aren’t included in the basic fee?
*When will prices increase and how much will the increase be?
Action Steps
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done

Make sure the payroll processing service contract includes the features you need
Some of the top features small businesses look for in a payroll system are: tax filing specifics, cost of services annually, the most popular add-on features (and costs), set-up costs, error reconciliation time and charges, and pricing consistency. Any contract you sign should spell out which features are included in the price.

Pay attention to the conditions of your payroll system contract
Some payroll processing service contracts dictate that you must submit payroll information several days in advance and will charge you for last-minute changes. If you aren’t able to meet the deadlines, your costs will skyrocket.

Read the fine print before signing with a payroll processing service
Who pays postage fees to deliver checks to your office? If you hire additional employees, do you have to pay additional fees? Will you have to pay for software updates? Are there any charges for filling out government required tax forms? Do they provide filing assistance for local taxes as well? What are charges for filing in multiple states? Before signing a contract, check out any hidden fees, add-on charges, or accounting and payroll software subscription/licensing costs. Watch out for low start-up costs that increase dramatically over time or a low base rate and high-cost add-on charges. With either of these situations, you could be spending more than necessary.

Consider a contract for accounting and payroll software bundles
Find a payroll processing service that offers you options in terms of their services and best values. Think of it in terms of ordering in a 5-star French restaurant. If you order (services) “à la carte,” you’ll end up paying more than a simple prix fixe 4-course meal. However, if you only want the appetizer, then ordering a whole meal would be a waste – of money and products.

Tips & Tactics
Helpful advice for making the most of this Guide

*Make sure the contract states that the payroll processing service will take financial responsibility for any tax filing errors.
*Ask for and verify the accounting and payroll software service’s guarantees, and security measures to keep your company’s data safe and confidential.
*When contracting with a payroll system, get everything in writing, including (but not limited to) the contract terms, dates, all tasks that the company agrees to manage, and the exact fees for specific features, when applicable, and payment terms.
*Contractual discrepancies or disputes are no picnic, so make sure you are 100% clear on everything in the agreement.

Source:By LaRita Heet, Freelance Writer, Journalist, IBT Designer, LMH Communications -http://members.business.com/LaRita-Heet

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